People say that the temperature increases because of this or there is too much carbon dioxides. Even thought that these are all true there is more to it than the temperature increases or there would be more carbon dioxides. Global warming is when the temperature increase causing the temperature to increase and there's a lot of carbon dioxide.

Green House Effect

In our solar system we find that some to of the palce are cold while other places are warm, but our Earth has the right temperture for us due to it's stable temperture, but did you know that the Earths Atmoshpere had been changing over 2 centuries. Green house effect is when there is a exchange of incoming and outgoing radiation that warms the Earth. The incoming UV raditation passes throught the surface if the glass wall of a greenhouse and is abosrbed by the plants and hard surface inside. IR radiation which is weaker has a difficulty time passing throught the glass waslls and is traped inside, which warms the greenhouse up. This let tropical plant to grow in the greenhouse, even when it is cold.