We can stop global warming in many ways

We can help clean up the trash and recycle plastic and paper. The more trash we pile up and burn the more the atmoshere's energy decreaces. And the more the atmosphere's energy decreases the more we lose our item that are need and the more we need to survive. We can stop this by throwing things that can be remade into something new. Like for example plastic can be turned into a playground or paper can be turned into carbord or paper bag and more. So stop throwing trash, help recyle and rebuild things.

Have solar panels instead of burning coal.
If we burn coal then we could lose all of it and there would be any coal or resource for a time that we would need it for and the sun lasts for a long time so we can you use the light to power our houses.

Reduce the use of water.
It reduces carbon pollution. If we didn't reduce the the use of water then we would be using a lot of energy to just pump the water and make it hot. So we advise you to take shorter showers and off the tap while brushing you teeth. By doing this we can avoid 80,000 ton of global warming pollution. It can also save 100 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

Eat food that you buy don't waste them.
People sometimes buy food the "LOOKS" good and they never eat it again. They either forget it or they might have tried once but didn't like it so they would have left it. The land are mostly filled with wasted food. We can stop this buy buying food that you need.If there is by any chance that you brought something that you didn't like you can either give it to the food pantry (only if they aren't opened) or you make that part of the list of the things that you don't need to buy next time.

Buy better lights.
Buying better LED light is the best way to save energy and your money at the same time. We can wastes less energy of have to lose your light bulb and then you have to change it. Instead buy a LED light (since it is cheap and run for a long time without having to change it every time) and get rid of the regular bulb. Save more energy so there might not be any chaos from it.

Pull the plug so you don't waste any energy.
The plug is pretty much sucking all the energy out of your out you walls. The way to stop that is buy taking off the plug once you're done with it. It is possible to be able to save your money and you energy.